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  • In general, use logic and common sense and don’t try to solve it alone, the more the merrier and different people see different things.
  • Most often  you first see (if you’re lucky) a key and one or two pages later you see the lock. Be aware … most often … not always.
  • If the lock is a cypher code you need to decipher it. Either find the key (clue) or try to decipher without the key … hint … there are just a few words with only one letter in the English language. That’s a start. And don’t forget: some people write ‘u’ instead of you.

Each escape room has a word document for hints … just in case you get stuck. The hints are free to download … we send them to you with the escape room.

The offline version, as long as you like, there is no time limit.

Yes they are hard, that is why we have different levels. As a beginner we advise to start with the easy once.

In the offline version there are no rules, after all how can we check if you follow the rules?

Yes you can, at least in the offline versions. If you are IRL in an escape room you most likely are not allowed to use a phone, not even pen and paper.