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Enter the Home Exchange (FREE DEMO)

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Instead of escaping out of a room, you are actually trying to enter a room … in this case an entire house. The story / escape room is based on a true story. If you have ever traveled and rented a house via Airbnb or any other platform, you might have run into the challenge on; ‘how to get in’. We did too … and here is what happened.  


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The Making of ‘Enter the Home Exchange’ Escape Room

If you’re curious about what a home exchange is all about, you can check out In brief, Home Exchange is similar to Airbnb, where you can ‘rent’ other people’s homes by making your own home available for ‘rent’ as well. Payment is made using Home Exchange’s currency called GuestPoints (GP), which you earn by hosting guests in your home. If you find this concept intriguing and want to give it a try, you can sign up, or we can send you an invitation, which will earn us both extra GP’s. However, after experiencing this escape room, you might wonder if anyone would be interested in such an adventure.

The Story Behind the Room:

The true story begins with a car journey that led us down a small, gravelly road. At a certain point, Google informed us that we had reached our destination. The destination, however, appeared to be in the middle of nowhere. Luckily, a car approached from the opposite direction and stopped. We asked if they knew the way to the Home Exchange location. The driver was clueless, but the passenger in the back leaned out of the window and asked, “Are they foreigners?” “Yes,” we replied. He immediately recognized what we were looking for and instructed us to follow them. Navigating our car on that narrow road was a bit of a challenge, but we managed. After a few minutes, they stopped in front of a gate. It turned out to be the exact location we were seeking, complete with a small sign displaying the names we had missed earlier. The gate was closed and looked securely locked. We managed to find the key quite quickly, though, which made the ‘escape room’ version of this experience a bit more challenging compared to what happened in real life.

Note: For the record, we’ve never encountered any issues when entering a home exchange house. We did face a minor hiccup once with an Airbnb, but that’s a story for another time, and we managed to resolve it within 10 minutes.

Enjoy the escape room, and if you find it enjoyable, you can always try out others.

Tips and Solutions
You will get a tips and solutions document, but if you pay attention and read the website carefully you will not need them, just check out in the tips and solution document that you found the correct code.

2 reviews for Enter the Home Exchange (FREE DEMO)

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