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Coffee to go

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Coffee to go is about escape your daily routine with COMMS & Coffee. It is finding contact with the best communication agency available while sipping your coffee … so yes: “Bring Your Own Coffee”. While escaping you will learn a bit about the comms business and are even tested at the end. Have fun! By The way, this one requires a working WiFi connection to the World Wide Web.


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Making of “Coffee to go”
The idea of coffee to go popped up to us during a brainstorm session with tons of coffee. We were brainstorming on how to use the escape room option to promote a product or company. We wanted to create an example first to see if it does work at all. Of course, it required a company to ask for permission to use their content … this wasn’t the hardest part … by the way. 

A bit harder was to figure out what the final end result should be, with puzzles like this we always start at the end and work our way back to page one. The question was: “What do you need to find?”. In this case we came up with the idea of going for an Email address. This wasn’t as easy as we had hoped, for the simple reason that many names are taken e.g Ok, to be honest, we didn’t want to make the escape room too hard and come up with an Email address like 76lk#$gfbdku! Hmm … this gives you a small hint …. we shouldn’t do that. But after reading the book “ready player one” the Email issue was solved, due to the name of one of the main characters. So now you ‘have to’ read that book for another hint.

The partnership helped us more than just providing content. They also advised us to use Canva. Which we did and they collaborated in the making … mostly language check …  to be honest. The content was pretty good, but we needed background pictures as well. While on holiday one of us made pictures of the colorful walls of houses. That helped us with tons of background material.


The story lines
This escape room is about finding a ‘lost’ email address. It is not really lost; it is hidden in the text and you have to find it. You are the CEO of a large company and asked your assistant to make a summary of all the material on their website and at YouTube. You are considering hiring them for your next campaign, and do not have the time to read everything. So your assistant made a PDF for you and asked you to send an email to the gmail address that can be found in the PDF to confirm that you have read the PDF. Have fun reading and good luck finding the email address.


Tips and Solutions
The coffee to go escape room has a tips and solution document that we send to you too. You get tips per page, there is a part of the answer at each page, that answer is at the solution section.

1 review for Coffee to go

  1. Rudmer

    Tooks me a while, but finally finished. Great escape room!

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