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Bitcoin Escape

Bitcoin escape is an escape room where you get the opportunity to win a lot of crypto currency. All you need to do is find the 6 digit code for the Trezor, open it and you are rich.
There are two pitfalls:
1) You’ve got one hour
2) You have to split the crypto’s with your siblings.


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Making of “bitcoin escape”
The original first draft version was autobiographical, and really super autobiographical. OK, except the part about receiving a will that contains Bitcoins and other crypto currency stored on a Trezor. But the family tree, the names and what not … autobiographical.

After some thoughts I thought it was best to kill all autobiographical remarks. Although some autobiographical stuff is still in there (e.g the number of siblings), just because it was too much of a hassle to change the family tree.

The test team found out that this escape room can only be played on a device, if you print it super important information gets lost. The test team told us that it was too hard, that is when we found out the print version was the issue and we recommend you to play the escape room on your devices. 


The story lines.
You and your 4 siblings are sitting in a doggy office listening to a man who is reading the will from your uncle. You just found out a few days ago that:

  • Your father had a 5th brother;
  • That brother passed away 4 days ago;
  • He left a will with your name in it.

It took some convincing to get the 5 of you in that doggy office at the same time. You all have a busy life, and this didn’t seem to be priority one. The will, at least the important part, is rather simple.  You get a Trezor, a PC and an envelope. If you are able to get access to the Trezor … it is all yours … and your 4 siblings. If you do not succeed in an hour… you all get nothing. One of your brothers knows what a Trezor is. He explains: “It is a device that holds Bitcoins and other crypto currency. To access it, we need a 6 digit pin code and a passphrase. Most likely there is a Trezor suite on the PC; in that case, we just need to find the 6 digit pin code”. He opens the PC, turns it on and indeed there is a Trezor suite. Then you all grab the envelope to see what’s inside.


Tips and Solutions
The Bitcoin escape … we tried to write the tips in such a way that they actually help, but not too easy. For one page we built up the tips, that is why there are more than one for that page. 


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