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Groundhog day

The Groundhog Day escape room is based on the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray. Like Bill Murray you are stuck in time and experience the same day over and over again. The day is the opening day of the movie Grease with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. This idea, picking opening day, comes from a scene in the movie Notting Hill with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. Enjoy your search, and no, you don’t need to watch all the movies.


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Making off Groundhog Day.
This was the first escape room I started; the idea was to build an escape room with the movie Groundhog Day as the main motto. It quickly became a combination of several movies. The reason for picking Grease was simple: I have an album so I could make pictures of that album to use in the escape room. I also have an album of the musical Tommy from the Who, but somehow … less popular.

Then I integrated Groundhog Day with Notting Hill, the scene where Hugh Grant is visiting Julia Roberts at a film set and finds himself in an interview setting. He claims to be a reported from Horses & Dogs (or Dogs & Horses … what’s in a name). Anyhow that is the scene I worked out and instead of Julia Roberts I went for Olivia Newton John AKA Sandy. Some personal touch was implemented as well, the horse and dog on the pictures are family pets.

It was a nice puzzle to find out what everyone we interviewed had been doing and was doing by hat time. Most fortunately it is not based on a true story, some free interpretations our side are implemented here and there. After all it is an escape room and we needed to work on clues, keys, locks and distractions on way or the other.

Just in case you might wonder if we are Greek, hance the language. No we are not, just one of us lost his passport there on a fieldtrip and we thought it would be fun to add that personal touch

The story lines.
Good morning to you all on this sunny Wednesday morning! “Oh no, it is still Wednesday!” are your thoughts. You are stuck in a time loop with your coworkers, for 15 weeks now.

It was great at first, you had lots of fun, but you all want to get out now. You already figured out it has something to do with the time you wake up. You also know you will get clues during the day, which is great in a way… but… it means same day… over and over again! Yuck.

Your mission? You work for ‘film review’ and you are here to write a review for Grease. It is a new film… though not for you… anymore ;).


Tips and Solutions
The Groundhog Day escape room has a tips and solution document. You will find tip per page, but not really needed.


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