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One dollar haircut

One dollar haircut is an escape room where you are in a barbershop and try to get a one-dollar haircut. It does require a bit of knowledge of barbershop … although … we do give you a few hints in the escape room itself, so you do not need that much barber knowledge after all.


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Making of “One dollar haircut”
The name of this escape room was easy to pick. I used to blog about holiday trips and once upon a long time ago I wrote a blog about a one-dollar-haircut and it is the blog that has the highest number of views. So using that name for an escape room seemed to be an obvious choice.

The harder part was figuring out a story, but with the name it didn’t seem to be that hard. The trick was a story line in an escape room format. In order words what needs to be found and how to get there. 

While having a haircut I thought about the idea a bit more and it hit me. I asked the barber if I could take some pictures of his barbershop and that was OK. Returning to the scene a few days later. The barber had installed his equipment nicely and the photo shoot could start right away. As it is such a small room, just room for two clients at the same time, so the photo shoot didn’t take that long. Then it was a puzzle for me to create the escape room.

Our test group was super impressed by the result. Well thought out storyline … realistic too … it felt like being in a barbershop. We were dragged into it and felt as if we had a haircut ourselves in the meantime.

Just in case you wonder, you can find the barbershop at … and no … they are not new …. and no … there is no one dollar haircut deal … sorry!


The story lines
There is a new barbershop in town and they advertise with a one dollar haircut deal. You need a haircut, are in for a new adventure and decide to take the one-dollar-haircut deal this evening. It turns out the deal is that you get a regular haircut for one dollar if, and only if, you can find out the right price for a regular haircut. There is a pitfall … if you do not succeed in time you have to pay double. Luckily there are no rules so you quickly call 2 of your best friends for help, they arrive in time. Your time is up as soon as your haircut is done. The barber wishes you good luck … you’ll need it … he adds with a smile. You take a look around the room for clues


Tips and Solutions
The One dollar haircut escape room has a tips and solution document. You will find tips per page, but not really needed.


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